The Sacred Path of the Priestess

An initiation portal into your divine power

Here’s What We’ve

Created For You

You might have heard of how powerful this retreat was and that’s why you are here! We made sure that you wouldn’t miss it. These recordings are just as powerful as the live retreat was! and the best is you can access them ANY TIME!

This retreat is an invitation into a ceremonial space where you will be guided and activated to fully receive your truest power.
You will be mentored by 11 leaders of light that will guide you into your sacred path as a creator of the New Humanity.

During this retreat, you will discover how to:

Activate Your Highest Calling & Release Any Limitations in the way for Your Emergence 

Embody Your True Essence & Receive a Transmission of Light & Divine Soul Codes

Unleash & Activate Your Sacred Power as Creator of the New Paradigm

Hosted By: Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte, Soul Path Mentor

My name is Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte, I am the founder and Creatrix of Women Who Rise Up, a movement to inspire, guide and support humans to create the New Paradigm.

I left a successful management career to fully dedicate my life to walking my True Soul Path & Be of Service to the Rising of Conscience of Humanity.

I am a Rainbow Tribe Priestess, Activator of the New Code of Feminine Power, Wisdom Keeper of the Ancient Doorways. I help gifted women reconnect to their Root & Lineage, Activate their Sacred Power to Create the New Paradigm. My purpose is to unleash women’s divine power to Weave the New Golden Era.