Portal to Spirit Activation Program


Activate Your Soul’s BluePrint, Master Your Connection to Spirit & Reclaim Your Soul Sovereignty as leader of the New Earth!


You have the power to create!

This is your chance to shift into the new paradigm, clear the old stories and uplift your frequency to embody your powerful visions on earth now!

In this 6 weeks program, you will have the chance to work privately with Catherine to activate, empower and anchor your soul’s sovereignty ! You will connect to Spirit and to your Source of creation. You will activate your deep calling and receive the clarity and confidence to carry out your offerings in our world.

What this bundles includes:

  • A private 90 minutes session with Catherine (vision mapping, connection to spirit and a personalized activation of your soul’s blueprint) (value 1888$)
  • 7 day Priestess Initiation Journey to embody your connection to spirit, embrace your energetic authority and feel confident as a creator (value : 88$)
  • The Power Soul Leader Activations Trilogy to uplevel your leadership and frequency to start creating your vision in real life (value 197$)
  • Exciting Bonus: Your chance to experience massive energy shifts during an exclusive 2 day retreat with my private clients (value: 1497$)
  •  A collective closing ceremony to imprint your new Incarnation on Earth and connect to the power of community (value: 188$).

Price : 997 $ (total value + 3666$)