Embody & Expand into 

Your Creation Codes 

From April 15-20, you can step into a new paradigm of Sovereignty

Choose to Become the Creatrix of Your Life, Aligning Yourself to Upgrade Your Gifts, Lifestyle and Wealth



* All inclusive Experience: High Vibe Food, Juices & Elixirs for 4 days, Eco-Lodging Accommodations for 5 nights, Transformational Journeys, Activations, Embodiment practices, Sacred Rituals, Daytrips, Luscious Nature and  Elevating Sisterhood.

Flight/Airfare is NOT included. 

3 payments Options:

Regular Price : $4400 

Early-Bird Price (until April 7th) : 3600

Bring a friend (until March 31st): $ 2200 USD each 


During this 4-day retreat, you will :


Receive – Open yourself to receive the gifts you are born with to help shift the frequency of our planet

Dive into 7 portals – That will connect you deeply to your Essence & the Seeds of your projects.

Bathe – into the Sacredness and Joy of Sisterhood, embracing the Diva you are.

Immerse Yourself – Into Wild Nature and the nurturing energy of Mother Earth, activating the codes of Your Primal Power. 

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“Be inspired by every leap of faith”

“Let’s be honest, it’s a journey, a radical one! A journey where you’ll let go of all that no longer serve the new beautiful and free version of yourself. A journey where you’ll be inspired by every leap of faith everyone is making and where each journey is true inspiration.”



“This space in which I was revealed my most profound intuitions, has allowed for deep transformation to unfold in me and in my life. It’s impressive. Catherine has guided us with alignment, maturity and love. Her presence & the container that she holds and creates is priceless. ”


“So Beautiful”

“I am in awe with what’s happening in my life, witnessing my vision coming into form in this world. It’s all happening. My heart is full of gratitude and love. I feel Power & Strenght in my roots, and Space in my mind. I have wisdom to share. I have my path to share. It feels natural and organic. It is so beautiful. So beautiful. Witnessing this unfolding is breathtaking at times. As I am writing this, I feel my womb is on fire, Alive, Life Activated.


‘’ I now feel responsible to live the life meant for me’’ 

I now feel responsible to take aligned actions and to live the life meant for me. To trust the divine plan. To trust my inner knowing. Trust that when I heal, I heal humanity. That the shift of one woman, is the shift of all women. ‘’


‘’ I feel so grateful for the connection’’ 

‘’Jennifer embodies the knowledge and practices that she offers to others. She creates and holds a very safe, gentle and sacred space for healing that at the same time keeps us moving forward with creativity, intention and accountability. This type of space is so essential for all of us. I looked and tried for many years to find a teacher and coach who could help me heal my womb area in this way, and I feel so grateful for the connection with Jennifer and her program. In just a short period of time I have experienced more healthful changes in my womb area, and thus my overall life, than ever before.‘’


‘’ The experiences I had are beyond spoken language’’ 

‘’Jennifer, modern Shamana she is! With her presence, her words and through the unique vibrational sound of her voice she is unlocking Divine codes in our sacred bodies. I was blessed to access the primal life force energy trapped in me for 48 years of my Earth life journey. The experiences I had are beyond spoken language. I am forever grateful having received this Divine connection. Thank you from the depth of my heart.


Hosted by:

Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte, Founder and Co-Creatrix

Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte is a magnetic leader with a big heart! She made her way to her soul path after 15 years in Corporate in leadership positions. Master manifestor, international best-seller and certified ritualist, Catherine has helped hundreds of women discover their essence and embrace deep spiritual connection to allow for their gifts to serve the world. Catherine is the Creatrix of The Sacred Path of the Priestess Retreats and Co-Creatrix of the Bloom movement. She helps women embody sacred leadership to become the powerful Creatrix of their lives and Bloom into their gifts. She shares the work of initiating women into their own medicine to birth the projects and service while receiving their Sovereignty and Soul Wealth. 

Hosted by:

Jennifer Ackad, Founder and Co-Creatrix

Embodiment and Transformational Coach and international best seller co-author, Jennifer Ackad left a successful Mechanical Engineering Career in 2010 to follow her soul calling and live a life by design. Creatrix of the ”Authentic Women You Are” transformation system and co-creatrix of the Bloom movement, she has since then been accompanying women to create space in their body and in their lives in order to awaken the wisdom, truth and answers they hold inside. Her mentoring programs are intimate containers where women gather to reignite their innate sacred power, reconnect to their intrinsic gifts and ground in their essence. By honoring their deep desires and higher calling, women shift their lifestyle and activate their playground, manifesting a creative and fiercely-aligned life as embodied souls while empowering others.  They become the Creatrix of their life and Bloom into their Gifts. 

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* Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

Are you committed to ground in your unshakable authority, expand in your natural born gifts and becoming the creatrix of your life? If yes, you absolutely don’t want to miss this event.

Along the side of other beautiful souls and sisters, you will immerse yourself in your codes of creation with willingness and joy. This is a place where you can allow yourself to open up to a new version of yourself, receive insights on your soul aligned life and embody your authentic essence and power as a Creator.

This retreat is a catalyzer that will accelerate and shift your life into your next timeline of creation, bridging your deep desires with your highest calling.

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We can’t wait to see you there!

Love and Light,

Catherine & Jennifer